RTACC Responder Trauma Bag


The RTACC Responder bag is the only purpose-built pre-hospital trauma bag specifically designed for first-responders who are RTACC qualified and/or operate in a high-risk industry. It contains some of the industry’s leading trauma supplies and equipment needed to manage a variety of time-critical trauma patients.

The Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack MKII allows responders to see all their medical gear with clear inside pockets and provides smart organization with its internal fixation points. This trauma backpack features padded lightweight shoulder straps that can detach and stow away in a hook-and-loop fastening pocket.

Our kitted RTACC bundle offers responders a 10% saving on all items.


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Content List:

Combat Application Tourniquet Gen 7 (Black) x2
ChtioGauze XR Pro Haemostatic Gauze x1
Prometheus Trauma Dressing x2
Mini trauma shears (Black) x1
NP Airways (Size 6,7,8)
OP Airways (Adult sizes)
Manual Suction Device
Magil Forceps (Adult)
Tongue Depressor x2
Russell Chest Seal x1
Corius Seal x2
Micro (Pocket) BVM with 02 tube x1
IGel Airway (Size 4)
IGel Resuscitation pack
Civilian Trauma Dressings x2
Blast Bandage x1
Prometheus pelvic binder x1
Prometheus Omni Splint x1
Compressed Gauze x1
Pen Torch x1
Clingfilm micro-strips x1
Blizzard Blanket EMS x1
Medical Tape x1
Marker Pen (Red) x1
Medics Lodge Aide-Memoire bundle (ATMIST, HOTT, GCS & MARCH)
Bottle Shower Top x1
Gloves (Please select size) x 4 pairs

Bag Details:
Flat Medic backpack with intelligent, clearly laid-out interior. The MOLLE system on the front and sides is laser cut. The lightweight padded shoulder straps can be detached and kept in a hook-and-loop fastening pocket on the back, and the rucksack comes with webbing so it can be adapted to a panel carrier or waistcoat. Stowable carrying handles for high-speed transportation in an emergency.

  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • Volume: 15 Liters | 915 Cubic Inches
  • Large handle for carrying when open
  • Internal variable fixation points to store medical equipment
  • Scissors bag
  • Clear inside pockets identified by coloured hook-and-loop fastening
  • Weight of empty backpack = 960 g // Weight of backpack including all accessories = 1,60 kg
  • Integrated visual markers
  • Fixing possibility on the bottom, possibly for a rescue blanket
  • Inner detachable plate with elastic loops
  • Laser-cut MOLLE system
  • Comes with adapter straps for direct attachment to protective vests
  • Length-adjustable stowable shoulder straps make carrying large body armour possible

Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 25 × 20 cm

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