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The ‘HOTT’ principles have been adopted for the treatment of patients in traumatic cardiac arrest. HOTT stands for hypovolaemia; oxygenation; tension pneumothorax/tamponade.

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This Traumatic Cardiac Arrest (HOTT) Prompt Card has been designed by serving HCPC registered Paramedics, CCPs (Critical Care Paramedics) and Military Medics who have extensive experience with traumatic cardiac arrests and there management. The prompt card is there to assist medics of all grades who are responding to a confirmed traumatic cardiac arrest. However, the HOTT process will require appropriately trained medical professionals to perform some of the skills required. 

– A6 in size (105 x 148mm) with curved edges
– Flexible, robust and wipeable
– Reviewed by Critical Care Paramedics
– Simplified algorithm for TCA (adapted from Lockey et al, 2013) and RCUK


*Please follow your own local protocols. This is a prompt card and NOT a clinical guideline. 

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