Pre-Hospital Podcast

Pre-Hospital Podcast

The Medics Lodge are proud to support The Pre-Hospital Podcast. A regular, interview-based show covering all things prehospital care. Hosted by Silas and brought to you by PREMED (Pre-hospital, Resusitation and Emergency Medicine EDucation). All views expressed herein are those of the host or guest(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of their respective employers.

Silas Houghton Budd

Critical Care Paramedic
BSc PgCert PgDip DIMC

Silas is the director of PREMED. He is a specialist paramedic (critical care) working in both NHS and motorsport medicine roles. His professional interests include airway care, ECG interpretation and medical education.

International differences with justin thomas part-2

Hello again!   Welcome to part 2 of my discussion with chief paramedic officer Justin Thomas. In this episode we discussed RSI, research, Justin’s journey to becoming a PhD student, and how to move to South Africa as a paramedic.   Enjoy!

International differences with justin thomas part-1

Hello 2021!   We’re back with season two of The Prehospital Podcast and to kick it off I spoke to Justin Thomas, Chief Paramedic Officer in Saudi Arabia and PhD student.   We had a really interesting chat (I think so anyway…) about paramedic education in South Africa, paramedic practice in Saudi Arabia, the ethics of prehospital decision making, and much more.   Have a listen and let us know what you think, part two dropping in a few weeks.

Ventilation with Dr Joanna Poole (part 2)

Hello again!    Here is the second half of my conversation with Dr Joanna Poole about the intricacies of ventilation.   We had a really interesting discussion about physiology, pathophysiology, hyperventilation, tension disease, and loads more. Let me know your thoughts, enjoy!

Ventilation with Dr Joanna Poole (part 1)

Hello!    Sorry for the delay on this one but its here! In this episode, I spoke with Dr Joanna Poole about the intricacies of ventilation.   We had a really interesting discussion about physiology, pathophysiology, hyperventilation, tension disease, and loads more! In fact, we discussed so much I’ve split it into two parts.    So hopefully you find it as interesting as I did… Let us know your thoughts!

Critical Care Outreach with Lance Gray

Happy October friends! In this episode I spoke to Lance Gray, paramedic and all round good guy, about his move from Australia and time as a critical care outreach practitioner. It was really interesting to hear Lance’s experience of working as a paramedic in-hospital, as well as what it was like to be on the ‘frontline’ with the early COVID-19 pandemic. And for the international listeners, Lance had a few tips about moving to the UK as a paramedic.

International Paramedic Practice with Jace Mullen

Sorry for the delay friends, but I’m sure it was worth the wait (hopefully)… This time round I spoke with Jace Mullen, paramedic and all round great guy based in Colorado, Denver.   We intended to discuss the differences between UK and USA practice but ended up chatting more about the similarities! Topics included EMS roles, education and training, specialties, referral and discharge, medications, the law, and (of course) cardiac arrest.   Feedback welcome as always

Maternity with Dawn Kerslake

Aaaaand we’re back!    In this episode I was excited to speak to Dawn Kerslake, one of just two ambulance service consultant midwives in the country. We had a really interesting discussion about physiological births, complications, Dawn’s experiences, and baby loss.    Despite extra training, maternity cases are still stressful for me and so I found the content of this episode especially useful! I hope you do to.

Hazardous Area Response Team with Andy Soames

Hello friends!   Sorry for the delay on this one, I needed a bit of a break after the COVID episode… But I’m back, and in this episode I had a chat with my mate Andy about the mysterious world of HART. We discussed the genesis of HART, their additional capabilities, tips for effective teamwork at incidents, and how paramedics can get involved if they’re interested.   I hope you find the episode useful, please share and subscribe.

COVID-19 in Pre-hospital Critical Care

Episode three already! And a bit of a longer one this time…

In a bit of a one-off, I got in touch with Ben Paul, student Critical Care Paramedic and Senior Lecturer, about COVID-19 in pre-hospital critical care. You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but on the off-chance you’re not we put together this episode to try and provide some clarity to those of us working outside of hospital. Hopefully you find this useful. And if you do, please subscribe / rate / share – you know the drill!

Airway Management with Scott Hardy (part 2)

Thank you all so much for listening, and for your kind feedback. Its really encouraging to see so much engagement and I’m looking forward to sharing some more meaningful conversations with you in the future.   In part two of my discussion with Critical Care Paramedic Scott Hardy, we spoke about the management of foreign body airway obstruction, airway management in trauma patients, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, and paramedic intubation. Scott is such a knowledgeable practitioner and it was great to hear his thoughts on the nuances of these topics.

Airway Management with Scott Hardy (part 1)

Where better to start than with airway management? 

In this episode I speak to Scott Hardy. Scott is a Critical Care Paramedic and medical educator with over ten years experience in the speciality. He has a professional interest in airway management and teaches on the Difficult Airway Course. 

We actually ended up chatting for a bit longer than expected so I’ve broken the episode down into two parts. In this first part we spoke about the goal of airway management and ways we can maximise our success.

I really hope you enjoy the episode. Please do subscribe, leave us a quick review, and feel free to get in touch with any comments, opinions, or feedback.  Cheers!